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Meneghetti Award


Any income derived from the auction, will be entirely used to financially support the following researches:


Research topic

Ontopsychological approach to the dream and correlations

with temperament, character and distress.


In the course of the last decades, dream analysis in psychotherapy has acquired an increasingly central role according with an amount of evidences from neuroscience data and with the most recent approaches in management of mental illness.

The aim of this project is to investigate the relationship between the content of dreams and the temperamental and character traits (i.e., anxiety and depression), consistently with the perspective that the dreams represent a specific mode of mental functioning of the individual.

Additional objective of the research is to validate the ontopsychological approach to the dreams and to compare and correlate the dream categories listed in the ontopsychological dream handbook with the modern coding system proposed by Hall and Van De Castle in 1966.


Research topic

Is anxiety an outcome of a decreased sense of self-control

due to impairment of inhibitory control?


Anxiety disorders represent the most prevalent mental health pathology worldwide. This project will assess the hypothesis that anxiety severely impacts inhibitory control, decreasing the feeling of one’s self-control, which, thus would not feel confident about the results of their future actions.

Understanding if an impairment of inhibitory control is at the core of the pathophysiology of anxiety disorders will open the doors to novel psychological treatments. Inhibitory control represents a crucial executive function: moderate levels of anxiety could even improve one’s performance, whereas high levels of anxiety are detrimental.

In line with the ontopsychological approach, this project aims to understand the dynamics of the mental processes affected by underlying anxiety disorders and to provide crucial help for the symptom management on neuro-psychobiological response to stress.


Auction target: CHF 25.000

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